It begins

New Year’s Day 2014 was, pretty much by default, the most interesting 1st January I’ve had since going to see my first football match on New Year’s Day 2007. (Preston vs Derby – we lost.) This is because I was waking up in a hotel in Flores, Guatemala, and preparing to head home after two weeks of volunteer work – plus an extra day exploring the Mayan site of Tikal, otherwise I would have seen in 2014 on a plane.

Basically, I want to keep this theme going. 2014 feels full of possibilities – there’s so many things I want to do. And, inspired by some of my friends from my local Nanowrimo group, I’ve decided to start a blog.

What am I going to talk about? Whatever takes my fancy, I suppose. I’d like to write some reviews, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to talk about writing – last year, I entered three short story competitions, and I want to get back into this in 2014 (once I come up with some good ideas). But hopefully I’ll come up with something worth reading!

Here’s hoping that the first 27 days of 2014 have been what you’d hoped for, and the next 338 days are even better!


About velociraptor256

Hi, my name's Richard. I created this blog to talk about my interests - and I have quite a few of those. I love zoology in general, herpetology in particular (especially snakes!), writing (have won National Novel Writing Month nine times so far), reading, astronomy, palaeontology, and travel. Thank you for coming to my blog, and I hope you find something that interests you here!
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