The World Cup Last 16 – and Camp Nanowrimo

Feeling a little bad because in the past few days, I haven’t been watching as much of the football. Partly it’s the timing of the earlier games. Partly it’s because I have other things to do, so I’ve usually got my laptop with me even when the football’s on. And partly it’s because I’ve been a bit overloaded with it. But now there’s two rest days, and some really great looking matches coming up in the quarter finals.

  • I got seven out of eight predictions right (and I did at least say Belgium vs USA would go to extra time!) plus all the group winners have gone through to the QFs, so maybe this World Cup is somewhat predictable after all. Then again, plenty of those games were close ones.
  • Netherlands vs Mexico was certainly a tense watch, given that I’m supporting the Netherlands at the moment (plus I didn’t really want to be completely wrong again after all my hopes about England came to nought).
  • Am hoping for a Netherlands-Colombia final which will guarantee us a new World Cup winner just like the 2010 final did. I’m liking the look of James Rodriguez (does he know that the ITV presenters don’t know how to pronounce his first name?)
  • Am disappointed I didn’t watch all of the Belgium vs USA game given how good it supposedly was. All the #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave pics on Twitter are hilarious though.

Best goal of the round: Easily James Rodriguez’s brilliant strike against Uruguay.


  • Brazil vs Colombia = this one could and should be a cracker, and I’ll say that Colombia will shock the hosts.
  • Netherlands vs Costa Rica = great effort by Costa Rica to get this far, but Netherlands will be too much, assuming they play better than they did against Mexico.
  • France vs Germany = another good looking game that should be close. I’ll say France in extra time.
  • Argentina vs Belgium = Argentina have been scraping through so far, and against Belgium, I reckon they’ll scrape through once more.

In other news, Camp Nanowrimo has come around again – though due to other preoccupations, I’ve given myself a lower target than normal. For November 2011, I wrote a vampire action-adventure story tentatively called The Night Soldiers – and now, I’m starting work on the sequel. This universe has some of my favourite characters that I’ve created, so I’m quite enjoying getting back into it. Currently on 3522 words, so keeping my usual pace!


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