Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: It’s Good To Have You Back


After a long wait, and some annoyance that US audiences got to see it some weeks before we did, Agents of SHIELD is finally back in the UK again, and showing Gotham how a TV show based on a comic-book universe should be done!

I enjoyed the first episode of Season 2 a lot, more than I remember enjoying the pilot of the first season. We already know the characters, and it throws us back into the action right away while establishing how things currently stand.

Unfortunately we didn’t get quite as much of the cool character dynamics that are one of my favourite things about the show, maybe because we were suddenly thrown a whole bunch of new characters without much warning. I only got the names of two of them, but they seem like a bunch with potential – or they did until at least two apparently got killed. Meanwhile, by the end of last season, I still hadn’t completely bought Triplett as a replacement for Ward – not sure how long that will take, particularly as Ward is technically still around.

Everything else, however, was handled very well. There’s still plenty of fantastic creativity in this show, from the action scenes involving the Absorbing Man – a villain who inherently comes with a lot of possibilities – to all the technology that SHIELD possesses and the inventive ways they utilise it. The old humour was still there, though kept a bit low-key for this episode. And that twist with Fitz at the end – now that was absolutely heart-wrenching. I  may like this show, but I don’t usually expect emotional hammer blows like that from it.

I may not comment on every episode like I do with Doctor Who, but I’ll definitely keep watching – Season 2 is off to a good start.


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