Robot Wars Live in Manchester!

Today I went to another Robot Wars Live event, at Event City in Manchester. It featured basically the same setup as the one I went to in Barnsley last year, and a mix of old and new robots, all ready to mix it up!


The event kicked off with a four-way melee: the bulldozer-like Behemoth, a veteran of the TV series; two-wheeled Gabriel; and flippers Beast and Eruption. With Beast being overturned early on, and Gabriel thrown over the arena barrier, Eruption and Behemoth tussled until Eruption managed to trap Behemoth on its side and win the fight. Interestingly, before the start, I met up with David Weston – a friend from my days on the Robot Wars forums – who mentioned that Gabriel only just passed the minimum weight limit: the reason that there’s a minimum weight limit is because some competitors have very powerful flippers, and a robot that’s too lightweight could be launched too high for comfort!


Then, after the announcers introduced themselves, there were two more four-way melees. The first was between three flippers – Ceros, Rattler and the experienced Ripper – and Cherub, a wedge-shaped robot with lifting spikes which allow it to do a handstand. Ripper dominated, throwing both Ceros and Cherub out of the arena. The next melee had more of a mix: Meggamouse was another flipping robot, but there was also Crushtacean, armed with pincers; Chimera, another two-wheeled robot; and Kill-E-Crank-E, a cylindrical robot so wide that it struggled to get through the arena door. That fight ended with Kill-E-Crank-E coming to a stop, and Chimera and Meggamouse falling into the pit, leaving Crushtacean the winner.


The featherweights then had a melee, where they were mercilessly bullied by the giant House Robot Matilda, and then there was time for one more melee before the break: Beast, Gabriel, Rattler, and Iron Awe 7. This time, it was Iron Awe 7’s turn to dominate with possibly the most impressive flipper so far – poor Gabriel ended up outside the arena again!

Iron Awe 7 was back after the interval, flipping Meggamouse out of the arena and giving Chimera such a beating that one of its wheels started falling off. However, compared to the thrills we’d had so far, the next melee was a bit underwhelming: Ceros and Iron Awe 7 managed to immobilise each other, and Crushtacean and Cherub became stuck together until time ran out. Cherub was declared the winner due to being more mobile.


After another featherweight fight, the last battle was to be between two of the most agile and powerful flippers – Ripper and Eruption. As the fight kicked off, I prepared my camera – only to not get any chance to take a picture, as Ripper threw Eruption over the barrier almost immediately! When the audience called for a rematch, Eruption was lifted back into the arena; this time, the tussle lasted longer, but the end result was the same – Ripper flipped Eruption out of the arena and was the winner.

Another great day of watching robot combat, courtesy of Robot Wars Live!


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