NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day Twenty

Where NaNoWriMo is concerned, conditions in the last full week in November are looking less than ideal, with some late nights and other commitments eating into potential writing time. Yes, the real world comes first, but it would still hurt to break my perfect record for completing November NaNoWriMos. So I thought that this weekend, I should do as much writing as possible and build a substantial word cushion while I still could.

Luckily, I had a good opportunity to do this: last night, myself and a few other writers from the local region attended a twelve hour write-in, at the home of one of our Municipal Liaisons. It was a really fun twelve hours (though I didn’t last the whole night, taking a nap about halfway through): in November, the socialising with fellow writers is just as rewarding as the writing itself. And despite being used as a cushion by the resident dog, who was very large and very eager to welcome everyone, I had a productive time of it. In total, I’ve managed to pack five days’ worth of writing quota into one weekend, bringing me to 38,334 words. So, my chances of finishing this year are looking good!

I’ve spent a lot of time skipping over the more uncertain or less interesting parts of the story, so much of the write-in was spent going back and filling in the gaps. There are, however, still points where I’m not certain of the mechanics to take the protagonist from one scene to the next. This is my first time writing a story with a significant mystery element to it, and it’s proving challenging, particularly when it comes to how the protagonist finds the right clues and reaches each new revelation. I am, meanwhile, trying to hide the identity of the antagonist as best I can: I don’t like mysteries where you figure out who the culprit is simply by process of elimination (i.e. where the guilty party is the only person that the detective never really suspects, and anybody who is suspected early on is definitely not guilty). But while I may not be sure how every single scene will exactly play out, I do have more than enough material in my outline to take me to 50,000 words.

We’re now two-thirds of the way through the month – keep going, everyone!


About velociraptor256

Hi, my name's Richard. I created this blog to talk about my interests - and I have quite a few of those. I love zoology in general, herpetology in particular (especially snakes!), writing (have won National Novel Writing Month nine times so far), reading, astronomy, palaeontology, and travel. Thank you for coming to my blog, and I hope you find something that interests you here!
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