Doctor Who – Series 10, Episode 4: “Knock Knock”

  • Wouldn’t we all utilise the TARDIS as the perfect removal van, given the chance?
  • I really like this initial concept of a bunch of students together in a haunted house. It brings back nice memories (of being a student, not being in a haunted house). It also offers more potential than that other haunted house episode, Hide, one of the most utterly forgettable episodes ever.
  • “I get nervous when there’s no reception. Like something bad’s going to happen.” Don’t we all in this day and age.
  • David Suchet gives a really great performance throughout as the Landlord, gentlemanly but unnerving. His presence gives a little more flesh to the story, even before the twist at the end.
  • Indeed, the acting is good all-round in this episode – you really feel Felicity’s panic as she tries to climb out of the window.
  • “Don’t be scared. It doesn’t help.” But Doctor, what happened to “Fear is a super-power” from Listen?
  • Of all the things I was expecting to see possessing the walls of the house, giant woodlice with glowing antennae wasn’t on the list. Interesting surprise.
  • Sometimes Doctor Who tries to be creepy and it only vaguely works. And then sometimes we get things like wooden Eliza and I don’t feel comfortable looking at the screen.
  • The twist that the Landlord is not Eliza’s father, but her son, is brilliant. It gives a whole new, very sad perspective on the situation – we all have to say goodbye to our parents at some point, but he was just a little boy; of course he would do anything to save her. Now he’s spent his entire life fixed upon that purpose and he’s not allowed himself the chance to really grow up, as his crying in his final moments shows.
  • Yeah, it’s got to be the Master in that vault. For some reason, the communicating via piano gave me Moriarty vibes, particularly Pop Goes The Weasel. Presumably there’s some additional security measure if the Doctor can walk through the door without getting jumped. And is this situation now meant to be mirroring the one with the Landlord and Eliza – because if the Doctor feels too sorry for his prisoner, bad things will probably happen.

This was a brilliant first episode from writer Mike Bartlett: not only did it have an especially good script, but everything else – from the acting to the visuals – worked just as it should. Rating: 4.5/5.

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