Two Film Discussions!

This week, Rachel Wagner and I have ended up making two videos together. On Friday, we had a very enjoyable discussion about Titanic, following the completion of my Titanic Month project in April.

Then on Sunday, it was time for our latest His Pick Her Pick video, examining two fantasy films that take a more experimental approach: 1981’s Time Bandits as Rachel’s recommendation, and 2007’s Stardust as mine. I think this was the first His Pick Her Pick where we significantly differed in how much we liked each film, which made for an interesting discussion.

We haven’t decided yet what genre of film to use for our next His Pick Her Pick, so please comment if there’s anything you’d like to see!


About velociraptor256

Hi, my name's Richard. I created this blog to talk about my interests - and I have quite a few of those. I love zoology in general, herpetology in particular (especially snakes!), writing (have won National Novel Writing Month nine times so far), reading, astronomy, palaeontology, and travel. Thank you for coming to my blog, and I hope you find something that interests you here!
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2 Responses to Two Film Discussions!

  1. smilingldsgirl says:

    These were so much fun! I love talking to you about anything

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