Doctor Who – Series 10, Episode 10: “The Eaters of Light”

  • I do quite like these little random statements about the world that the Doctor makes, like how crows can speak but nobody has intelligent conversations with them anymore.
  • I also like this episode’s historical setting. It’s nice when Doctor Who gets historical: there are some enjoyable First Doctor historical episodes that don’t even have any aliens in them. Mind you, I don’t think there were any black soldiers in the Roman legions, but I guess sometimes having the best actors for the role and maintaining diversity takes precedence over historical accuracy, as with last week’s story.
  • Nardole’s story about the Mary Celeste contradicts the classic series – all the way back in the First Doctor era, the crew of the Mary Celeste were frightened off their ship by Daleks. The Lusitania has apparently only featured in an audio story – I’d like to see a whole episode based around it.
  • I liked the character of Kar and the progression that she goes through: from setting the creature free irresponsibly but with understandable motivations, to realising what she’s done, to understanding that she has to stop focussing inward.
  • The design of the creature is good – it looks like something out of Primeval. Plus a dragon-like monster seems more at home in ancient Britain than something with a more alien template.
  • Bill talking about how the Doctor always becomes “boss of the locals” made me think about why this kind of self-awareness is only good in small doses. I suppose it’s because we get tired of being told things we already know!
  • The Twelfth Doctor gets the opportunity for another anti-war speech – it doesn’t quite reach the levels of The Zygon Inversion, but what could?
  • Ah, how my eyes rolled when they started making out that the Doctor would sacrifice his life before the season finale. At least the pretence doesn’t last long.
  • “You have a vault to guard.” And what a great job he’s been doing of that this whole series. I suppose it’s believable that after such a long time at this mundane, thankless task, the Doctor would push the boundaries a little (going travelling) then push them further when he gets away with it (actually letting Missy out but under restriction). I don’t doubt that it’s going to come back to bite him, as I trust Missy/the Master as far as I could throw her and so should he.
  • “You never learned to hear the music.” I was expecting a reference to the drumming there, particularly as we know for sure now we’ll see John Simm next week.
  • Oh, and Nardole………..was there.

Despite having some slow periods, this was a solid episode in pretty much all departments. Rating: 3.5/5.

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