Richard Tries A Triathlon!

I’ve never considered myself particularly sporty. I always crossed the finish line last on primary school Sports Day, and PE was easily my least favourite subject in high school. Yet here I am, at the age of 30, planning to participate in a triathlon in September!

Specifically, this is a sprint triathlon, consisting of a 400m swim (in a pool), 20km of cycling, and a 5km run. It seemed a good challenge to attempt when I heard about the event: not unrealistic, but still enough for me to push myself, and hopefully have some fun doing so.

The swimming will probably be the easiest part. I’ve spent most of my life visiting the pool once a week, and aided by the other exercise I’ve been doing, my current record for 400m in the pool is 9 minutes 50 seconds (breaststroke). And I’m a decent cyclist. The real challenge will be the run.

Before I signed up for this event, I had very little experience of running. So I’ve been following the Couch to 5K program, which gradually builds you up to running 30 minutes non-stop. It’s been hard work, but very satisfying, and I have been noticing the results, such as faster recovery after each run. When I got onto the non-stop 25 minute runs, I really had to will myself to keep going. But I’ve kept on track and I’ve only got two weeks left in the program, at which point I still have a few more weeks before the triathlon to get used to 5k.

I’m taking this opportunity to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society; this felt most appropriate due to incidences of this disease in my family. My fundraising page can be found here: donations are much appreciated and will help the society to provide support for people with dementia, and help fund research projects into its causes, treatment and prevention.

I’ll let you know how I get on!


About Richard Southworth

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  1. smilingldsgirl says:

    How cool! The running would be toughest for me also

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