Doctor Who – Series 11, Episode 2: “The Ghost Monument”

  • I like the setup in this episode – the idea of a rally across planets – and how the Doctor and co are motivated to stick with the competitors by having the Ghost Monument actually be the TARDIS.
  • Hey, Ilin is the bad guy from True Lies.
  • Thirteen is still great, with such gems as commenting that her new friends, having been abruptly transported into space and landed on an alien planet, are “being very good not going on about it.”
  • Maybe it’s still too early for Graham, Ryan and Yasmin to have proper roles in the TARDIS, given that in this episode, they were quite literally just along for the ride. But while Graham and Ryan at least contributed to fixing the boat, and Ryan made an unsuccessful attempt to defeat the Sniperbots, Yasmin didn’t really get to do anything this episode. Hopefully having three companions will be properly justified in time. Plus there were also hints of continuing development in Graham and Ryan’s relationship.
  • It’s also good how Epzo and Angstrom get developed a bit beyond the hard, cynical survivor characters we’ve seen plenty of times before in Doctor Who. The quiet talking scenes on and around the boat journey work well.
  • Graham calls the Doctor “Doc”. I like that.
  • The bit where Yasmin tells Ryan that climbing ladders despite his dyspraxia is “second nature” now, and he replies, “No, not really,” is very good. A subtle reminder that disabilities don’t just disappear with enough willpower – it can get easier, but not effortless.
  • So the Stenza have been seen or mentioned in both episodes we’ve had so far – are they going to represent an arc for this season, like Bad Wolf or Mr Saxon? The scene where the Doctor is referred to as the “Timeless Child” also hints at something unresolved.
  • That ending felt a bit too neat for me.
  • I have mixed feelings about the new TARDIS interior. I like how cavernous it feels, and the background underwater-style noises, but I didn’t like those incomplete hexagonal frames surrounding the central control panel.

This was a simple, minimalist episode, and for the most part, it was solid. I would have given it an extra half-mark had the ending been more satisfying. Rating: 3.5/5.

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1 Response to Doctor Who – Series 11, Episode 2: “The Ghost Monument”

  1. Burrunjor says:

    Finally took a plunge and didn’t watch it. Couldn’t be bothered after last week. Jodie is still Bubble from Ab Fab and its too silly to try and link her to the classic Doctors IMO. Why has he suddenly changed sex? You cant just introduce something that big after 50 plus years. Its like suddenly making him a Mormon after all this time.

    I did see bits of this on youtube in the top 3 moments. The new TARDIS is ugly! Next weeks looks like a laughing stock, but I’m not sure I’ll even tune in fr that TBH.


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