Easter Explorations

Over the Easter holidays in April, I took advantage of the lovely weather by visiting a couple of wildlife spots I’ve been to previously, to see what I could find this year. First, there was a nature reserve in Cumbria, where I ended up staying for four hours as I was having such a nice time.

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There were common lizards everywhere, mostly on the boardwalk but some in the foliage as well: I must have seen at least 40 in all. Among the many birds around was a male reed bunting, singing loudly in a tree.

What I was really hoping to spot, however, was a snake. And when I did, it happened quite unexpectedly: my circuit had taken me back to the car park, I turned around, and a male adder was slithering across the road! He quickly disappeared into the foliage on the other side, but it gave me encouragement. I went looking back along the boardwalk, and sure enough, there was another male adder slithering among the dry leaves. It was a very productive day for wildlife watching.

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A couple of days later, I went for a walk among the sand dunes in Lytham, where I had previously spotted more common lizards. I soon spotted one in the same area I had seen them before, though it was gone very quickly. As I walked, I regularly heard rustling sounds in the grass, but there was no way to know if it was lizards. Finally, I did see another lizard about half a mile away from the first; that one vanished in about two seconds, before I could photograph it. That’s the problem with sunny weather; it leaves reptiles well energised!

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