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Hi, my name's Richard. I've been blogging since January 2014, and I like to talk about all sorts of things: book reviews, film reviews, writing, science, history, or sometimes just sharing miscellaneous thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you find something that interests you! I have a main blog at, and a blog focussed on nature at

Hillsborough: 30 Years On

Last Monday, the fifteenth of April, saw the thirtieth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, when what should have been an enjoyable day out for thousands of football fans turned into a horrific and avoidable catastrophe that saw ninety-six people dead … Continue reading

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Film review: Shazam!

It’s hard to be certain where Warner Bros’s DC Extended Universe – having produced more films rated rotten than fresh on Rotten Tomatoes thus far – is currently headed. For one thing, Warner Bros is apparently producing DC-based films that … Continue reading

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Blue Planet II Live in Concert

Blue Planet II, the David Attenborough-narrated nature documentary on life in the oceans, was the most watched TV programme of 2017, with a peak audience of over 14 million viewers. As well as presenting fantastic footage of marine life, and … Continue reading

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Film review: Captain Marvel

There’s certainly been a lot of fuss on the Internet about Captain Marvel in the weeks and months leading up to the film’s release. Rotten Tomatoes was hit with so many negative ratings for the film – well before it had even been released – … Continue reading

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Crew Dragon: The First Test Flight

Since the Space Shuttle program ended in July 2011, the United States has had no way to get its astronauts into Earth orbit besides paying for seats on the Russian Soyuz. In fact, when Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital spaceplane VSS Unity … Continue reading

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Film review – Alita: Battle Angel

These days, when I first learn about a new film in production, it’s usually through social media, or maybe the news. It’s not often that I first learn about a film from seeing the trailer in the cinema, or that … Continue reading

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Asperger Syndrome and Driving

How does having Asperger Syndrome affect driving? As it takes me at least half an hour to drive to and from work every day, driving is a significant part of my weekday routine (and weekends if I have anywhere to … Continue reading

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Book review: Akresha

Lancashire-based author Jay Tomkinson has recently published his first novel, Akresha – and after learning about it, I was interested to check it out. The protagonist, Jake, has recently been released after the latest of several spells in prison, and … Continue reading

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The Black Arrow: When Britain Launched A Satellite

In the news this week, the battered first stage of a Black Arrow rocket has arrived in Scotland, after spending over forty-seven years resting in the Australian outback, where it crashed down following its successful launch. But what’s so special about this … Continue reading

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The Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you very much to Petrel41 from Dear Kitty. Some Blog for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! This award originates from Okoto Enigma, but unfortunately their blog no longer seems to be working. The rules of the Mystery … Continue reading

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