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Announcement – a new blog!

I’ve been working on this blog for nearly five years now; I’ve talked about all sorts of things, and it’s been great fun. But now I’ve decided to bring a little more organisation to my blogging. I’ve set up a … Continue reading

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Nature Profiles: The Common Cuckoo

Most people are familiar with how the common cuckoo’s (Cuculus canorus) life cycle works, and as a result, it is widely regarded as one of the villains of the animal kingdom. This bird is an obligate brood parasite, which reproduces … Continue reading

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Adding to my adder count

This morning, I drove up to South Cumbria again to go for a walk around Roudsea Wood & Mosses NNR. It was a hazy morning, quite cool at first in the woodland, but it had certainly warmed up by the … Continue reading

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My first badgers!

I had an exciting time yesterday evening, when I was able to go out to a hide to watch for badgers – which would be the first time I had seen a badger that wasn’t roadkill. We started watching at … Continue reading

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Nature Profiles: The Chinese Giant Salamander

I said at the beginning of the New Year that I wanted to write about more of the factual subjects that I’m interested in on this blog; so I’m planning on writing some posts on interesting animals, both living and … Continue reading

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Childhood Memories of Nature

In the May 2018 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine, there’s a thought-provoking article by zoologist and TV presenter Jess French, in which she comments on how many children these days are not encouraged to get involved with nature, their parents … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Beetling

Normally, you can expect Bank Holidays in the UK to be as wet and windy as the rest of the year, if not more so. But on this particular Bank Holiday weekend, Britain is experiencing a heatwave. It’s been so … Continue reading

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Roaming for reptiles in Cumbria

Spring has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods, and as well as checking up on my local ponds for frogs spawning in early March, I’ve also been looking for opportunities to find a British reptile or two. In … Continue reading

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An Evening with Simon King

Last night, my dad and I attended a very enjoyable lecture by wildlife filmmaker Simon King, organised by the Lancashire Badger Group. While Simon spends most of his time behind the camera these days, he was a familiar face in … Continue reading

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Wildlife-Watching in the Philippines: Part 4

Day 11 – 27th October Today, we were heading to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park – and, once again, it was a pump boat that got us there. On the beach, our guide – Rommel, from Wild Expeditions … Continue reading

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