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Apollo 8: 50 Years On

Fifty years ago, the Apollo 8 mission gave the world an especially exciting Christmas, as it became the first ever manned space flight to leave Earth orbit and travel to the Moon. The crew of Apollo 8 consisted of commander … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas!

We are just a few days away from another Christmas, and I am feeling happy. I always love Christmas. Once the first of December rolls around, I feel I can start celebrating without embarrassment, so I put up my little … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christmas – Through The Magic Of Film

Christmas is coming! This time of year always makes me happy. Already I’ve eaten a few mince pies, gotten my Christmas presents wrapped (while discovering the simple genius of gridlines on the inside of the wrapping paper), andĀ attended a Christmas … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – 2014 Christmas Special: “Last Christmas”

So here we are, on Boxing Day, after a perfectly agreeable Christmas. I wasn’t able to get to a carol service in the days beforehand, but I did watch all of my essential Christmas movies (Home Alone 1 & 2, … Continue reading

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