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Prehistoric Profiles: Stegosaurus

Pictured: Sophie the Stegosaurus, at the Natural History Museum in London. Found in Wyoming, she is the most complete Stegosaurus skeleton known to date. Photo taken by myself in February 2018. Before I saw Jurassic Park, and Velociraptor captured my … Continue reading

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Borealopelta: A Dinosaur with Camouflage

Recently, a new paper was published describing an amazing dinosaur fossil, discovered in a mine in Alberta, Canada in 2011. The new species was named Borealopelta markmitchelli, meaning “Mark Mitchell’s northern shield”, after a technician at the Royal Tyrrell Museum … Continue reading

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A Great Dinosaur Enigma Solved!

I maintain a healthy interest in palaeontology these days, but looking back to the dinosaur-obsessed days of my childhood, I’m amazed just how much our knowledge of dinosaurs has changed. Things I thought I knew then are totally out of … Continue reading

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