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Where No Space Probe Has Gone Before

This week has been a pretty significant one in the history of space exploration, as no less than three different space probes achieved important milestones in their missions. At 5:33am GMT on 1st January, the New Horizons probe passed within … Continue reading

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New Horizons: Pluto Revealed

Eight months after Philae landed on a comet, and four months after Dawn went into orbit around Ceres, space history is once again about to be made. Today, having travelled for nine and a half years, andĀ over three billionĀ miles, the … Continue reading

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Good luck, Rosetta and Philae!

Tomorrow, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the news. Tomorrow, around 4pm GMT, we will hopefully be receiving confirmation that the European Space Agency have actually landed a spacecraft on a comet. The probe Rosetta, which went … Continue reading

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