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Titanic Month: The 1943 Film

Titanic (1943) So, did you know that the first film to actually be named Titanic was made by the Nazis? Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, seized upon the Titanic disaster as an excellent subject for a propaganda film, which … Continue reading

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Titanic Month: Atlantic

Atlantic (1929) Atlantic is a Titanic movie that was forced to pretend – not very successfully – that it wasn’t. The White Star Line, which merged with Cunard five years after the film was made, wasn’t very happy about the … Continue reading

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Titanic Month: Introduction

The biggest and most luxurious ship in the world, advertised as being practically unsinkable, runs into an iceberg and sinks on her maiden voyage. Over 1500 people are lost, from ordinary folk to famous, wealthy figures. The disaster forces people … Continue reading

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Update: His Pick Her Pick, and Plans for April

Firstly, Rachel Wagner and I did another His Pick Her Pick video yesterday, this time looking at historical movies based around space. My pick was The Right Stuff, and Rachel’s was October Sky – I enjoyed this one as I was … Continue reading

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Belfast: Birthplace of the Titanic

I’ve been to some pretty faraway places, but despite it being practically next door, I had never been to Ireland – until this week, when I took a little trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland. The main motivation for the … Continue reading

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Ten Facts about the Titanic

103 years ago, in the early morning on 15th April 1912, the RMS Titanic – the biggest passenger liner in the world, and on its maiden voyage – sank in the North Atlantic after colliding with an iceberg, killing over 1500 people, … Continue reading

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More video game nostalgia – Titanic: Adventure out of Time

“The past, forever locked in regret. But what if the past could be changed?” Having already talked about the Jurassic Park games I was playing in the late 1990s, here’s another game I was playing a lot around the same … Continue reading

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