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The Right Stuff on Disney Plus

Recently, I finally took the plunge and subscribed to Disney Plus. The big push I needed was that it was the only way to legally watch the final season of Agents of SHIELD, which had been infuriatingly dismissed by British … Continue reading

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Crew Dragon Demo-2!

On 21st July 2011, Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down at the Kennedy Space Centre, bringing the 135th and final Space Shuttle mission to a close, and leaving the United States with no way to send astronauts into orbit aside from … Continue reading

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Jack Lousma, Skylab Astronaut

This Saturday, my granddad and I attended a talk by former U.S. astronaut Colonel Jack Lousma, organised by Space Lectures in Pontefract – they were also the organisers for previous talks I’ve attended by Ken Mattingly and Jim Lovell. Originally … Continue reading

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Film review: Ad Astra

There’s no question that flying in space has the potential to be scary. It involves heading into an incredibly hostile environment, cocooned in technology, a long way from any sort of practial help; and both real-life disasters and works of … Continue reading

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Film review: Apollo 11

Next month will see the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and in commemoration, two documentary films have been made: Armstrong, which comes out next month, and Apollo 11, which was just released in the UK. I had … Continue reading

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Adventures in California: Part 1

Like many people, I’ve got a list of the places I want to go and the things I want to do before I die. It’s easy to let that list sit somewhere, waiting for some unknown point in the future … Continue reading

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Crew Dragon: The First Test Flight

Since the Space Shuttle program ended in July 2011, the United States has had no way to get its astronauts into Earth orbit besides paying for seats on the Russian Soyuz. In fact, when Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital spaceplane VSS Unity … Continue reading

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Apollo 8: 50 Years On

Fifty years ago, the Apollo 8 mission gave the world an especially exciting Christmas, as it became the first ever manned space flight to leave Earth orbit and travel to the Moon. The crew of Apollo 8 consisted of commander … Continue reading

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Talking First Man

Last Friday, Rachel Wagner and I recorded a video together again – our twentieth video together, in fact –┬áto discuss the recent Neil Armstrong biopic First Man. Though we agreed on some aspects, our overall opinions of the film were … Continue reading

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Film review: First Man

Directed by La La Land‘s Damien Chazelle, First Man is a biopic of test pilot and astronaut Neil Armstrong, based on the biography of the same name written by James R. Hansen. I’d read the book, and I love anything … Continue reading

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