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Film review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Growing up in the UK, I didn’t get to watch Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood – all I really knew of Fred Rogers was the occasional reference to him on other American TV shows. I learned a lot more about him more … Continue reading

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Forrest Gump: The Book vs The Film

  Recently, I re-watched the film Forrest Gump as part of the series on my top 10 favourite films, which I’m currently doing on my YouTube channel. Following that, I decided to check out the original novel by Winston Groom, … Continue reading

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Film review: Sully

On the evening of 15th January 2009, I was with my parents in the living room when the ten-o-clock news came on, and we stared in disbelief at the live images onscreen: a plane floating on the Hudson River, apparently … Continue reading

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From the Earth to the Moon

While plenty of films have used real space programmes and agencies as the framework for fictional stories, not so many have adapted the actual historical stories involved: The Right Stuff and Apollo 13 are the major ones that exist. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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